Soup’s Done, Come & Get it! Nom Nom Galaxy out of Early Access!

Soup's Done, Come & Get it! Nom Nom Galaxy out of Early Access!

Well Astroworkers, the time has finally come for you to venture into the expanse of the Galaxy and feed the hungry masses! Nom Nom Galaxy ver. 1.00 is now open for business!

It’s been a long journey since we first released on Early Access almost a year and a half ago – even longer if you count our time as PixelJunk Inc when this blog first started. We’ve learned a lot along the way! Two PAX Prime attendances in the Indie MEGABOOTH, awards at Brazil’s Independent Games Festival and GDC China’s Independent Game Festival, appearances at SXSW 2015, Gamescom 2014, PSX 2014, BitSummit 2013 & 2014, Indiecade 2014 and EGX 2014… whew! We’ve been hoping all over letting people sample the soup! Add to that the huge contributions that all of our Early Access players have added and we fell like we’ve got a soup that’s been seasoned by the best Astroworkers on the planet.

The full release of Nom Nom Galaxy adds:

  • Complete campaign with 27 different worlds to explore
  • Improved online 4P co-op
  • Galactic Challenge Mode with rotating challenges that earn you Galactic Gum to use in Conquest and S.O.O.P Sim modes
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Backgrounds
  • Steam Emoticons
  • Steam Achievements

Of course, the work for an Astroworker is never done, so we’ll be continuing to improve Nom Nom Galaxy over the next few months. There are a lot of things still be requested in the forums that we’d like to address. I don’t want to get into details now, but we’re hoping to add a few modes to keep the soup flavors just as interesting as the first taste.

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got a week-long 20% discount on Nom Nom! Head over to Steam and check it out!


Online bug fixes, improvements

  • When invited to a NNG throught the Steam interface, you will now automatically join the session
  • Fixed the player kick function
  • The number of enemies will now increase based on the number of players in the game
  • In order to reduce lag during multiplayer sessions, the game will now automatically reduce frame rates to 30fps until all players are in sync

Other bug fixes, improvements

  • Mouse functionality in menus (prompts at bottom right, etc.) improved
  • Improved Japanese translation and added missing text
  • Players will no longer fall off of ladders at the start of a new day
  • The pause menu will now accurately display for the player that paused the game (if 2P paused the game, for example)
  • If you start a new company with a company name that already exists, an overwrite confirmation dialog will appear
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when switching from windowed to full screen mode
  • Another stage of growth has been added to grass, making it easier to understand when it is fully grown
  • Fixed a bug where defeated Resistance enemies were not added to totals
  • News flashes will now include the amount of market share that can be gained or lost because of trending ingredients
  • When using mouse and keyboard controls and opening the maintenance menu, players will no longer move when pressing “A” or “D”
  • Players with multiple save data files will no longer be able to select planets that haven’t been opened on that save file
  • Players with multiple save data files will now have their keybindings saved across all profiles
  • Increased the number of keys that can be rebound in the options menu
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from using left click to throw after changing the keybinding
  • Fixed an issue where having the left mouse button held down when a dialog appeared caused a choice to be selected when the button was released
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash if Jack was attacked by Pinapurana
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from zooming out for screenshots with keyboard controls

7 thoughts on “Soup’s Done, Come & Get it! Nom Nom Galaxy out of Early Access!

  1. Before anyone else reads this and tries to build an opinion of the game from it: This is a fantastic gem worth every penny they’re asking for. My below comments discuss my current inability to play and carry a negative tone solely as testament to how fun and addicting of an experience NNG provides.

    That said… I’m not asking for much: Just please provide a link to your forums. Your forum page cannot be found within my first three pages of Google links when searching: nom nom galaxy forums. I also cannot find any place where you’ve linked to it yourself on your website or in any posts on Steam, and I also could not find a direct link to it in any of your menu bars on this website. Presumably it would be very easy to hyperlink the word “forums” when you use it in your latest news post about today’s release, but instead you only link to the Steam store page and nothing else :(

    Unfortunately after choosing a name for a new soup company, I am taken to a black screen with no art or loading animation of any kind and nothing but music looping in the background. I would love to provide more details or look to see if other people are experiencing the same issue (and/or have found a work-around yet), but not making the forums easier to access is making it unnecessarily difficult to not move on to one of the other dozens of games competing for my attention that work for me out of the box.

    Regardless, thanks for your hard work and dedication, and congratulations on a presumably-awesome (and properly working) release for the bulk of the fans! <3

    • Found it! For anyone else looking for the formal forum BBS, Nom Nom Galaxy is actually just leveraging Steam’s built-in “Discussions” page to report and track bugs it seems.

      I’m still not sure why they never link to it anywhere (especially in the posts found outside of Steam altogether), and I’m not 100% sure if there exists a forum yet dedicated for their console release fans… but regardless, you can find the PC forums here:

      Happy harvesting!

  2. PvP would make this game perfect. Instead of vs. the other soup company, it’s someone else. You could add things for long-term clutch plays like the more unique soups you ship, things could happen to the opponent; such as fiercer enemy attacks. Alternatively, have a mode with enemy attacks disabled and you just vs. each other race to 100% market share.

  3. I absolutely love this game. Only one problem – I have unlocked all the astro pins (trust me, I’ve checked and rechecked the #s just in case…) and the trophy has not popped. I am willing to replay the entire game but don’t see anyway to reset to the beginning. Help? Also – if you’d add some goals during the open world part of the game, it’d be a game to play and play and play. As is – I like it so much, I’ll replay the entire thing just for one trophy (that should have popped for me…). Thanks for any/all advice.

  4. Is this game dead now?
    I submitted a support ticket months ago and got nothing

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