South by South-Fresh

Earlier this month we sent our new Soup Co. chef-in-training Roger Hicks to SXSW to give Texas a taste of Nom Nom. We were nominated for the Gamer’s Voice Award alongside many other great indie titles like Nova-111, Hyper Light Drifter, and Chroma Squad.









“Everyone seemed to really enjoy the game a lot,” Roger reported. “A lot of people instantly thought it was Terraria, and then they quickly realized it wasn’t. But they still really enjoyed it! A lot of people were asking about the Steam Early Access and when the full game was going to come out. They also wondered if it was multiplayer.

A lot of people also asked me about Tomorrow Children. I couldn’t really answer anything about that. A bunch of people also want another Pixel Junk Monster game!”

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Thanks, Roger! Our soup didn’t take the top prize this time, but there were still plenty of future Astroworkers trying their hand at galactic soup conquest! We were proud to get yet another nomination for Nom Nom Galaxy.

We’re working hard on getting Nom Nom ready for our next update, which should be in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!




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