Space Creeps

Space Creeps

As we prototype, there’s only been a handful of space creatures living in the world for a while now. It’s time to increase their variety. Also, I’m sick of eating the same soup, over and over. :) Let’s mix production up a bit.

All of our space creatures aim to capture a defining characteristic. The way they move, sound and look (delicious!) should really define their place within the ecosystem. It’s also vital to consider their interactions with the environment and each other. A living breathing world should keep ticking even when the player isn’t there.

Some of the below concepts are already implemented and we might end up keeping them. Some have already been tried and discarded because they felt too bland (soup pun ha!). Putting in too many types at once will upset the environmental balance, so maybe only one more next week for now, before letting them settle. The only rule is, “If it’s fun, it stays!”

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4 thoughts on “Space Creeps

  1. Oh man I’d kill for some aracorn soup ( arachnid+corn dohoho ).
    These look nice and varied, which is good, because if there’s one thing I hate it’s having the same color of space chicken soup every darn time.

  2. So it’s like a really big tamogatchi/digimon thing?
    Or like Ant Farm: The Video Game?

    whatever it is, I want it now. just let me give you my money already!

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