Surprise IGF!

Surprise IGF!

So.. it looks like we’re suddenly submitting for the IGF! There wasn’t much time this week, but we’ve been trying to fix any show stopping bugs and make the first-user experience better. To help nudge the judges along, some simple tutorial popups went in and there’s new visual feedback on the matter and coin collection. There’s also a simple first version of the order framework, where the Robo Exec orders particular types of soup to satisfy hungry planets.


This will be this first time Inc has been played without one of us there to observe or answer questions, so it’s a real usability test. If judges can’t make it to any fun stuff, it’ll be such a waste! >_<



2 thoughts on “Surprise IGF!

  1. Good luck! You deserve to get nominated, and win at least one of the prizes, I bet so. Watching the development has been a fun ride the last couple of months, so here’s hoping you’ll convince the IGF committee as well. :)

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