PAX Prime 2014 Wrap up

PAX Prime 2014 Wrap up

Dear Astroworkers!

Last weekend we brought Nom Nom Galaxy back for our 2nd year in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime. Once again, we ladled out some of the stew we’ve been cooking for the gamers at the show to taste test. The results? We had an amazing time showing the game and brought home a ton great feedback from talking to everyone and watching you play. We also gave out Nom Nom buttons, t-shirts to a few lucky folks, and watched our  Nom Nom fans spread around take over PAX! You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone cooling themselves off with one!

And coming out to PAX always reminds us that we really do have some of the greatest fans in the galaxy! We’re working hard to push an update that will reflect the feedback we got at the show. Look for it soon!

We had to turn this...

We had to turn this…

... into this in just a couple hours!

… into this in just a couple hours!


Thanks to all the people who came to play! The booth stayed packed!

Thanks to all the people who came to play! The booth stayed packed!

Yamatron did an awesome job creating these "cans" for the booth.

Yamatron did an awesome job creating these “cans” for the booth.

Only by pulling the Golden PixelJunk Crown, could you get a coveted t-shirt!

Only by pulling the Golden PixelJunk Crown, could you get a coveted t-shirt!


One of the lucky NNG T-shirt winners!

One of the lucky NNG T-shirt winners!


The crowd waits hungrily for a chance to play.

The crowd waits hungrily for a chance to play.


BitSummit Champion & former Q-Gamer James Mielke came by the booth to spread some love!

BitSummit Champion & former Q-Gamer James Mielke came by the booth to spread some love!


See you next year!

See you next year!

The Soup is PAX Primed! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.14)

The Soup is PAX Primed! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 0.14)

Astroworkers, welcome to PAX Update 0.14! This update will be on the floor at PAX today, but even if you can’t make it to Seattle you can enjoy the soups of our labors! This update adds more ingredients, more enemies, and some adjustments to research. We’ve also thrown in some nagging bugs.

Because of the large amount of changes in the current build, we recommend you delete your previous save data. You can delete your saved data from the planet select menu. With that said, let’s look at the new stuff!

Like a Boss

Nom Nom Galaxy is all about battling rival corporations for galactic domination of the soup market. Up to this point, your rivals have only sent small waves of alien mercs to disrupt your operation. Starting with this update, they’ll be bringing out the big guns! Or should we say, the big UFOs!


This behemoth will appear after you’ve launched a certain number of rockets. When your rivals feel like you’re getting a little too big for your britches, they’ll send over this ship to knock you down a few pegs. You’ll have to make some sacrifices to repel it!

Exploring Strange New Worlds

The ‘galaxy’ in Nom Nom Galaxy continues to expand. You’ll now be able to visit Iddil, a heavily forested planet, Unba,a water world, and the mountainous Pomelyk. Each planet will require it’s own strategy in order to build a successful factory. Gameplay for these planets is in development, so we’d love to get feedback from the community on them.



Iddil introduces new fruit bearing trees and spiny thorn plants. Neither can be moved easily, so you’ll have to plan your base around them.



If you fancy a swim, Unba is your planet. With most of the stage area covered in water, you’ll have to create island bases in different places to expand your factory. The ever-important Oxyflower has the added benefit of repelling water, so you can use it to plant under the waves, or prevent water from entering your base.



The most challenging of the new stages is Pomelyk. The rocky planet offers few places to cultivate your ingredients and deposits of matter and discs are sparse, so you’ll have to maximize your management skills to expand.

Expanding Your Pallet

There are a few new flora to add to your recipe book now. We haven’t had proper trees in Nom Nom but that’s because we’ve only been exploring deserts and plains. Iddil is our first planet to introduce a forest biome.


The trees of Iddil bear delicious fruit, but are sturdy and can’t be chopped down. You’ll have to plan your factories around these trees to harvest them. The trees will die in winter, so stock up on fruit for the cold season.


Needle Grass, like the trees of Iddil, is difficult to get rid of. It’s covered in thorns so punching it will only leave you with bloody gloves, and if you dig it up with your buzzsaw, the remaining bits will sprout as new plants. You’ll have to use other tools to take it out-but it’s rumored that beautiful flowers sometimes blossom on its thorny branches…


Nom Nom now has an uber tuber! Yams grow underground, and like the trees and Splinter Grass, are resistant to conventional harvesting. If you want to get to the goods, you’ll have to dig them up!

The following items have had their costs adjusted:

Hoverboard –
Increased Research key costs from 2 to 3
Increased the Gold cost from 100g to 1200g

Increased Research keys costs from 3 to 6
Increased Gold cost from 100g to 450g

Floppy disks should be easier to dig up now.

Mole enemies won’t be nearly as persistent in destroying your base and will disappear after paying you a visit.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where you could create two offices on the Tutorial Stage
– Fixed a bug that allowed ivy and seaweed to grow in places they normally couldn’t

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam CommunityFacebook, or Twitter! See you next time!

Indie MegaSOUP!

Indie MegaSOUP!

What’s up, Astroworkers!

With only one week left we’re in the thick of getting Nom Nom Galaxy for PAX next week! I’m proud to say that Nom Nom Galaxy was selected to be part of the Indie MEGABOOTH once again this year. And as you’d expect from Q-Games, we’re bring some new flavors to the show! More details are coming in next week’s update, but as a hint I’ll just say that the Soup Co.’s empire is expanding into new regions, bringing new tastes and new dangers!


Last year we gave out fans, buttons, and Japanese Kit Kats to folks that stopped by to play Nom Nom. This year we’re upping the ante! We’ve got all of the above, plus some pretty sweet Nom Nom Galaxy t-shirts for the lucky folks!

Buku Buttons!

Buku Buttons!

You’ll find Nom Nom Galaxy in the galactic corner of the Indie MEGABOOTH in booth #41 next to 17-Bit’s Galak-Z. Come join us in space!


Nom Nom Galaxy T-Shirt contest!

Nom Nom Galaxy T-Shirt contest!

Welcome back, Astroworkers!

As promised, we’re back this week with another grab bag of PixelJunk to give away! Last week we released wild Nom Nom Galaxy Early Access keys on to the Twitter-verse, but this week we’re going with something a little more tangible.

Tshirts_final_5colorNom Nom Galaxy T-Shirts!

We’re taking Nom Nom Galaxy to PAX Prime next month and we’re celebrating with some new gear. Yamatron made some awesome designs, but there can be only one! We’re asking for a little help picking the final design from our fellow Astroworkers.

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you guys out in the cold without a shirt on your back, so we’ve got three fabulous ways for you to get your own.


Head over to Facebook where you can vote for your favorite everyday. We’ll choose five Astroworkers at random to get one of these rare Nom Nom shirts.

The second way you can put your name into the soup pot is to follow us @PixelJunkNews on Twitter and watch out for tweets telling you to RT the contest URL. We’ll pick five more Astroworkers from those RTs to get the latest in PixelJunk fashion.

Finally, we’ll bring a bunch of t-shirts to PAX Prime next month for some lucky Astroworkers who can demonstrate their soup shipping prowess!

This contest will run until 11:59pm PST on August 3rd!