The Keyboard Conundrum

The Keyboard Conundrum

So we went into Early Access without getting the keyboard and mouse support fulling implemented! It’s a brave new frontier for us here! Just wanted to let everyone know that this is being worked on now and give you an update on what we’re doing here. We’ve been so focused on other things that we completely dropped the ball on KB+M support. We’ve still got a lot of PlayStation blood running through our veins, it seems…

Above: Tomi & Sawa discuss different control layouts for KB+M.

This is what is being worked on today!

  • Add mouse collision detection to places like the main menu, dialogue boxes, pause menu, etc.
  • Updating the key-mapping for KB+M to reflect current gameplay. Most of the current key-mapping is old, hence the lack of some abilities via KB+M.
  • Creating in-game KB+M guide
  • Support for the case that the controller is removed, the KB+M will become the default control scheme in single player scenario
  • Redesign top menu for instances where the isn’t a controller (for example, disabling 2P until a controller is plugged in.)
  • Add menu options for switching between KB+M and controller controls

Above: Yamatron schools me on different assets we need to create. Below: Adding mouse collision for the main menu.

We’ll be pushing through this today. Hopefully we’ll have an update ready tonight. In the mean time, #SWAGnacious has assembled a guide of sorts for the current KB+M controls.

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