There can only be ONE… Immortal Mammoth

One of our goals with Nom Nom Galaxy is to have a diverse variety of plants and animal for you to fight, cultivate, harvest, and ultimately make into soup. One such creature is our space mammoth. It’s been chillin’ on the planets of NNG for a while now, but has been pretty harmless thus far. That all changes next week, with Yamatron working on new attacks and AI for the now stationary beast. We’ve received a lot of great ideas from fans on Facebook and Twitter, so we’re sure we can make it a memorable member of the NNG family.

One of our interns testing NNG had a bit of fun with the mammoth yesterday afternoon. In an ultimately vain attempt to snuff out it’s digital life, he created a massive array of Missile Towers.

photo 1

Here’s a video of the failed attempt – Missile Attack!

I talked to Sawa and it turns out the mammoth isn’t really immortal; it’s got 2.1 BILLION hit points! So technically you could kill it. But by our estimates that would take a couple of weeks!




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