Tooling for PAX

Tooling for PAX

PAX in 3 weeks. It is insanely close now. We had to take time and do a little compatibility work for our Indie Megabooth target hardware this week. The upside is, it’s given us a jumpstart to support for some slightly older machines.

Anyway, TOOLS! We’ve been tidying up lots of systems this week in anticipation of PAX. Cutting back on some ideas that are still a little rough-edged, and polishing up the fun stuff. Here’s a few tools that will be making an appearance at PAX (assuming you research them). You can build them at your factories.



If you want to dig large areas or some tough rock fast, you want one of these. Just don’t get carried away. :)

Beam Sword


You can take on way more enemies personally with one of these. The extra range adds safety and there’s small combos with an uppercut for extra damage.

We’ll have LOTS of Inc related swag to give away at PAX, so come say “Hi”! Details of the swag to come in the following weeks.



3 thoughts on “Tooling for PAX

  1. Man, that buzzsaw looks really fun to use.

    Also, I like how you stopped the .gif right before the buzzsaw hits the water so we don’t get to see any water physics. You big ol’ teases, you.

    • I’ll save that blog post for another day. :) Anyone who comes to PAX will be able to see it swishing around though!

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