Tubes can deliver, direct to you!

Tubes can deliver, direct to you!

Tubes are cool. Specifically, late 19th century pneumatic tube messaging systems. :)

The tubes that went in this week can deliver ANYTHING you place into them from point A to point B. Simple as that. :D We felt that setting up farms was taking a bit of space, and often built our factories in a slightly removed location closer to the power generators. Tubes mean now we can just mail all our harvest right next to the factory and someone can collect it at that end for soup production.


The next step is to have robots deposit the ingredients in the tubes FOR us.. and collect them.. and process the soup. :D Only then can we humans sit back and marvel at our  robot automated soup making empire! …until something comes to destroy our base…


3 thoughts on “Tubes can deliver, direct to you!

  1. Great stuff, I have a few of those pneumatic tubes around my workplace, they’re just so fun to use.

    Also, I have a question for you guys. I’ve been following development for a while now, and I’m all kinds of excited for the game. But just recently I remembered a game that’s kind of similar to what you guys are doing.

    So I ask you, have you guys played any of the ” Clonk ” games, and are you pulling any inspiration from those? ’cause I loved those games, and it just came to me that you’ve got something pretty similar going.

    • No, but now I’ve spent the last hour watching Clonk videos on Youtube. That game looks pretty fun with per-pixel collision. :D

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