What is this blog?

PixelJunk has always been developed in a ‘traditional style’ where we work in secret towards a big reveal on release. For our next game though, we wanted to try something different! We want to let you guys see the inner workings of the PixelJunk machine as we develop our next title.

Every week expect to see our development logs, concepts, technical notes and more as we tinker away on PixelJunk 1-6. Most importantly, you’re welcome to join in! We love chatting with you guys, so as always we’ll be lurking around here to answer any questions and take suggestions. We haven’t even thought of a name yet…

Not everything you see here on the blog will make it in to the eventual game. Hopefully, most of your favourite things will be though! If there’s something you really want to see make it in, let us know in the comments!

PixelJunk 1-6 started as a hobby project by a few of us over a year ago. Working on our weekends and holidays, we couldn’t help but expand on this fun idea. Now we’ve been given the chance to spend some serious time on it and we want you guys to know what we’re making too!