Whatcha cookin’?

Whatcha cookin'?

This week we wanted to experiment with some new motivations for the player to leave their base. New soup recipes requiring special ingredients now lure people outside into the wide world more frequently. When currently building a soup factory, you can choose from known soup recipes to produce there. Depending on the soup variety, a player will usually have to go exploring and collect the necessary ingredients.  After soup is made and ready to be sold it’s stored in a shipping warehouse to be collected. A soup’s base price is modeled off the rarity of ingredients and their difficulty to collect. There are even ways to value add to soup and increase its price after production, but that’s for later game macro management.

A player starts knowing just a few simple recipes, but can discover more as they play. I’d like players to eventually be able to invent their own unique soup flavours and try to sell them on the galactic market! For now though, it feels better to have the clearer “in-game” path mentioned above for generating income at the start. Because having to pore over a wiki when you don’t know what anything does isn’t fun. o.O

5 thoughts on “Whatcha cookin’?

  1. Hurm. I wonder if the Sausage Party building is SUPPOSED to look kind of like a giant soup-making Dracula. Consume wildlife, produce soup.
    Also, dem Sausages.

  2. This game is throwing me for loop, never knew i would want an alien corporate soup sim.

    • Same here! I thought the guys were kidding when they first showed me the soup ideas. I always knew I like soup, but I never thought my passion for easily digestible sustenance would combine with my gaming.

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