Window to the Galaxy – NNG Early Access Update r55304

Window to the Galaxy - NNG Early Access Update r55304
The update this week should give you some more options with which to view the Galaxy! Playing in a window is now supported!
This should help some folks attempting to make videos or having trouble with their fps.


Update Notes
  • Full-screen and Windowed Mode now available via the Options menu. *Switching between windowed/full-screen mode requires a game restart now. This will be addressed in a later update
  • Fixed bug that caused text and asset clipping when in displaying at 1920×1080 resolution
  • Fixed bug that allowed ladder to be built through the roofs of buildings
  • Fixed Save system bugs
  • Robo-shacho messages will now only display if you start a new tutorial
  • Hints that have already been displayed will not reappear after loading a save game
  • Items you are holding will now be persistent through saves

Finally, the Astroworkers United Union contract with Soup Co. stipulates that all Astroworkers have April 1st off for quiet reflection, pranks, and more reflection on the consequences of their pranks. Meaning, Nom Nom Galaxy will be Astroworker-less on April 1st! If only there was someone who could feed the hungry citizens of the Galaxy!