There we go.. NOW I feel connected with my soup eating customers. The new GUI we’ve added this week lets you see exactly how satisfied they are with the soup you’re currently shipping. In the future we’re thinking different planets could have different flavour preferences, difficulties to satisfy, *insert your fun idea here*. :D It also gives us a chance to visually bring in some of the outside Galaxy, showing you the planets and faces of real Soup Co. customers!




I love how the “BAD!!!” guy clearly hates it, but is still forcing it down for some reason. Nice work Yamamura! :)


4 thoughts on “Yummy!

  1. Maybe you could have different dietary requirements for inhabitants of different planets, a la Mass Effect.

  2. I love seeing the planets and faces of real customers. Maybe some could pay you in something besides money (like a certain type of ingredients, or factory-building materials)… The amount they pay/tip could vary, too (like easy but stingy customers vs. hard to please but wealthy). I don’t know how the game works but speed of delivery could play a role, too, possible.

  3. oooo maybe to keep gameplay interesting , is that you could change the soup type thats being requested every few hours in game,(so long as that soup is available to that planet of course.)

  4. Magnifique ! Can’t wait.
    Shooter is our prefered co-op game at the moment
    I’m so glad you went to pc !

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